Can you take a look and tell me why you think my lighting builds like this now?

The lighting is supposed to look like this, and maybe one time out of 10, the lighting builds like this.

But much more often, the lighting comes out like this:

Or on another map I recently tried building the lighting for, this is what it’s supposed to look like:

But most of the time when I build the lighting, it turns out like this:

This only recently started happening. I’m not doing anything differently. I’ve built lighting hundreds of times on scores of maps for years. I’m not doing anything differently. What is going wrong?

Well duuuude, at least in your PC the light is built, not the same from mine, Let’s take a logical with brain look at it, emmh that’s just color multiplication, on the values I guess? well from the rendering point of view…

Hello mate, did you try to run the built map on another PC. It maybe that only on your PC you are seeing this difference, as I am almost sure it is something related to your graphics card.

As I am using a very OLD rig, from 2010, and the last Driver Update for my Nvidia GTS 360M was from 2016, so I did not installed any update on my PC from since I began developing my game.

So build the lights, and test the built game on another PC to see what happens.

Cheers, and by the way, your game is Lovely Beautiful my friend.

Have you been following the newest updates on my game, It did evolute a lot more from the initial builds:

Last image looks like there are no lightmap uvs on the meshes on the floor or are at a very low res?

I think the light maps on the floor meshes are either 16 or 32. I did not change the light map resolution between builds.

It’s almost like there is no relationship between the meshes and their lightmaps. I didn’t post this, but if you look at the BSP that contains this indoor level, you’ll see big random splotches of bright light. Imagine firing a shotgun, and the pellets go everywhere, and wherever they hit the BSP, there’s a bright orange circle.

I have not tried building the lighting on a different PC. That’s not really an option for me right now. It might well be because something on my computer is failing. I guess I haven’t tried restarting my computer yet. Maybe that will fix it.

And thank you, and yes I have been following your game’s updates. I just haven’t been posting very often. Keep up the good work.