Can you stream a level from a sub level?


I’ve tried with no avail to stream a level from a sub level. It seems like you can only stream a level in and not another inside that.


I’m trying to do the same thing. MistaShoes explanation is pretty clear, but I’ll illustrate it a bit by showing my setup:


  • LL_Region1
  • LL_Region2
  • LL_RegionN


  • Landscape_Level
  • Scenario1_Items_Objectives


  • Landscape_Level
  • Scenario2_Items_Objectives

By default, PlayerScenario_1 and _2 only get the Persistent Actors from Landscape_Level unless LL_Region1 through N are also included in the scenarios.

Hi, did you manage to find a solution to this?

Yes, you can do it, you need to have Landscape_Level stream in all off it’s sublevels on BeginPlay. The GIANT caveat is that if you have static or stationary lights in Landscape_Level I haven’t found a way to bake them properly so they show up in all the PlayerScenario’s correctly.

From here you’ve got two options: Fully Dynamic Lights (i.e. no baking), or, Re-factor your levels.

Dynamic Lights were too expensive for me, so I refactored my streaming setup. Now it looks like this:


  • LL_Region1
  • LL_RegionN
  • PlayerScenario1
  • PlayerScenario2

This meant I had to write my own “OpenLevel” command that hides and shows the sublevels as appropriate … but it also means that light baking works for me.