Can you slow down particle subuv animation speed?


I’ve got a torch particle system looping using subuv’s, but its playing back too fast. One thing I thought about before doing the simulation was “I wonder if I need to sim this at 60fps”, and it appears perhaps i should have

Is there anyway to slow down the rate at which the particle subuv plays? Or is it generally a good idea to simulate fire/water fx at higher frame rates before creating sprite sheets?

thanks for any advice

Do you have an answer yet by any chance?

Increase the lifetime of the emitter and the duration of the particle.

increasing the lifetime and the and duration of the particle did not do it for me. I am also having the same issue

Simulation Speed? Somewher?

Nvm, i Just Messed With The Velocity, Got It To Slow Down, But For Some You may Need To Alembic Animation it