Can you set a interface function to multicast?

Recently I reworked a bunch of my blueprints to use interfaces because they where getting the REINST issue that is going around. This interface function is used to implement an attack animation on a character. My problem is that there does not appear to be a way to set this function to multicast.

Is there a reason why interface functions can’t be set to multicast or is there a way around it?

I assume you are speaking about the NetMulticast function specifier. If so I believe you would set that on the implementing function. The Interface function itself would be pretty basic, but try putting it on your function that implements the interface and see if that works.

Yea but it’s set for events and the option isn’t there for the interface event. The details panel is just blank when it’s being implemented. The interface blueprint is also unable to set any kind of replication either.