Can you revert retargeting?

Hello guys.I’ve done a real mess here…I accidently retargeted the skeleton of the HeroTPP in Shooter Game Project to Mixamo’s Vanguard Skeleton from the Mixamo Animation Pack.My game is very close to the finish and the last thing I want to do is doing it again from zero.Is there a way to revert the changes I made.It’s urgent.


You can try this: Open your project folder in explorer, to do this you can right click on the content folder in the content browser and then click show in explorer…Now close the editor…then go one folder level up to your project’s main folder. Now go into your “Saved” folder, then into your “Backup” folder…look for the backup of the asset you want to restore. They are date stamped so you will have to find one that is stamped prior to the changes you made that messed it up. Once you find it Copy it and then Paste it into the same location in your content folder as the original asset. Now take the Original asset and Cut it from the folder and place it somewhere out of the way (like on your Desktop). Now rename the backup file with the date stamp to match the asset’s name that you just put onto your desktop (the messed up one). Start up the editor again and open your project it should be restored.

Fixed it.Created a new Shooter Game Example,copied the maps and other assets and now everything works.I tried your method too,but it still doesn’t work,it has a compile error in the AnimBlueprint.Well,the importatnt is that I restored the work.