Can you reset destructibles in a level without reseting the map?

This question is going to be super important for my game. I have matches where people pretty much blow each other to hell, then when one person dies it starts the next round and I want the entire level to quickly reset to what it was before it was destroyed. Is this possible?

Well wouldn’t you just “respawn” the “destructibles” via code or blueprint. They are after all just objects that can be referenced in the map and blueprints.

Ok I figured out half of the problem. All I do is make sure every destructible is a blueprint that saves its initial transform at the start of the map. I tested this with an event tick every 30 seconds it destroys the old blueprint and spawns a new one in its place. Seems to work fairly well.

So what I think I can do is create a interface call and hook it up with that instead of a event tick. The only problem now is when I call the interface that is on all of the blueprints, what do I put into the target pin?