Can you reoder / sort a list of functions in the node editor?

So I made some functions in a blueprint and after a while I added some more. All start with create or destroy or get or find or retrieve.

The thing is that after I added new ones, they aren’t alphabetically ordered and its very difficult to search a particular one seeing as its not alphabetically ordered. Can I at least manually order them or sort them alphabetically?

If its not possible, I would like this feature for 4.5. Thank you!

Hey Virusescu,

I understand what you are trying to do :slight_smile:

If you see this Test_Category Variable…

It has a tab called Category you can either add it under one of the already set ones there… Or you can type your own category name and press enter and it will make a new category where all the variables are set.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

Apparently I CAN switch variables but not functions.

Is there a way?

Jyoji has answered your question, it it works for functions and variables.

  • Select the Function/Variable
  • In the details panel find the “Category”
  • Either select an existing category, or type in your own.
  • For nested categories, separate levels of nesting with a pipe ‘|’

This will also move function/interface calls to a corresponding menu area in the context menus.

But you can not sort alphabetically.