Can You Remove World Partition From a Level?

Can you remove World Partition from a Level?

Article written by Joe R.

Simply put, no, once a level has been converted to World Partition, you can not revert it back to a normal level, or World Composition level.

If you wish to try using World Partition on your level, but aren’t sure it’ll be right for what you want, then it would be recommended to make a backup of the level you want to use World Partition on, and then convert the level to World Partition. If you find that it doesn’t work out, you can revert back to the original file.

Making a World Partition Level

Should you want to make a level which supports World Partition, you can do so by either going to Tools > Convert Level, then selecting the existing level you want to convert to World Partition. You can also start a new World Partition enabled level by creating a level from the Open World Template. In File > New Level.

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Yeah, So unfortunately you can’t convert the Map back to levels. So the trick is to if you have started with the open world temp or just did not make a backup. You will need to turn your assets into a packed level actor. This will allow you to make a new map with your assets, but the terrain will have to be remade. In order to turn your assets into a packed level:

** First Select all your assets (Do not select any WP data, editor may crash), Then right click and find level.

**Finally, select Packed level asset (I tried doing a level instance, but editor crashed, so this way worked) Now you should be able to have a new level with all your assets. Downside is that you will have to re-create the terrain. Hope this worked for you

so tl;dr is you cant switch back and you’re stucked with bugs and whatnot, yeah no thanks, back to ue4 then, why implement such an annoying (unloading bug) system in the first place???

tl;dr; make backups before making big changes. You’re doing this all the time, right?


The editor crashes when copy / pasting default level content.

To revert in-between different environments it should be possible to copy content from a default level to a world partition and vis versa.

Simple solution, just copy everything and paste it in an empty world (Everything but 2 things which were made by partitioning a world)

-World Data Layers and World Partition minimap.

If the problem is because things aren’t loading in, you just gotta select a big area in the minimap and tell it to be always loaded, simple as that.