Can you Program a Turing Level A.I. in Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine is an incredibly advanced piece of Software, and also a Software Development Kit ( I use that term loosely ) for creating A.I.

Is it possible to create an A.I. Controlled Character in Unreal Engine that can pass a Turing Test?

A Turing Test: - - - An Artifical Intelligence that is capable of convincing a Human Being that is it is not a Computer Program, but in fact another Sentient / Intelligent / Thinking being.

Has anyone done this?

Is it possible with todays technology?

Could it be the next greatest challenge for Unreal Engine? To create a a Turing Level A.I. within Unreal Engine?

Is Unreal Engine the fundamental pre-cursor to SkyNet? (Only joking - hehe)

But no, seriously. Unreal Engine has amazing tools for creating Artificial Intelligence systems. Could those systems be the foundation for creating a Turing Level A.I.

This is a genuine question, and I would love feedback from Programmers / A.I. Experts who may have insight into this topic.

Of course Unreal Engine is uniquely equipped to also create a Virtual 3D Character counterpart to an A.I. code system, which makes this topic especially exciting.

Can you create a Turing Level A.I. with Unreal? If so I’d love to hear about it.

I guess so, for example… i stopped using UE default AI behaviours…. wich i felt were very limited, and started using BP to create AI, now my AI´s are faster, smarter, FPS has improved, easier to duplicate and as you know, they can store information in variables, remember things, locations, etc… but making them sooo Smart… not even the best super computer has been able to emulate a natural human behaviour or take perfect decisions, maybe they do to certain specific tasks…. Facebook started using AI, i guess the best one money can buy and now they are worst than ever.

Hey Rocco! :slight_smile: Thanks for your answer.

I guess the simple conclusion is - yes its possible - but extremely difficult.

I think it would be a fascinating experiment though! :slight_smile:

The Science Fiction film - The Machine - has a really cool scene in which an A.I. passes a Turing test.