Can you please remove non Epic Ads for other titles

The way you have tacked on the ARK ad to the launcher it looks like it is an Epic title. While I like that your supporting UE4 titles I don’t want to constantly be advertised to every single time I launch and engine. I can understand your titles but being there (even if I would rather not as I don’t have any interest in them) but having another game there is a bit strange and out of place and gives the impression it is an Epic created game.

How is that strange and out of place? It absolutely has no affect on your ability to quickly and easily get to your library of projects, to the marketplace or the community area. It is actually pretty far out of the way, in a small tab at the top of the launcher that says “ARK”. So they have a small image about it in the “What’s New” section on startup, no different than any other news they put up about marketplace content or their E3 experience vids. Big whoop. It’s not an advertisement, they put it there for people to download an entire major game release for FREE which allows people to not only learn from a major studio release but contribute to it’s continued development through mods. I applaud Epic and Studio Wildcard for providing their hard work and efforts to the rest of us.

Epic has the right to promote a major release of a game that uses it’s engine.

I would appreciate not being personaly attacked. I said my feelings and I stated my opinion. If you are just here to insult me and not be constructive then please take it somewhere else.

Agreed, I took that line out. However, to complain about Epic promoting something as large as ARK code being given away in full for free to developers is asinine. The fact is, I didn’t even notice the ARK tab in the launcher for several days after its release; it in no way has any negative affect on the functionality or overall appearance of the launcher and to demand removal because you somehow find it “strange”, I find “silly.”

I appreciate the removal of that part. As i mentioned i am glad Epic promotes other ue4 titles. I think its great. My issue with it being strange is they have a promotions and news section so to have one and only one game there at the top section is strange and give the impression it is their title not another companies. Also, I am not demanding it i am asking if they can remove it as they may not have thought about how it comes across to some, obviously not all, of their users. Epic has been great about taking feedback in thr past and I hope they can take my feedback here as well. I dont presume to speak for everyone. I do think your argument that UE4 is free for everyone is a bit misleading as while it is goven to you for free if you are planning on making money it is going to cost you. I think it is a very fair amount but certainly not free to everyone and many of us have been around since it wasnt free. I also havent said anything bad about Epic, nor UE4, i have mearly stated my concerns about a newly added tab so your strongly worded defense of Epic and their engine seems out of place.

Everyone needs a cause and obviously this is something you would like to get feedback on. In that case, I suggest you post in the forums in particular the “Feedback” section. You’ll get a lot more attention there than you ever will here especially since Answerhub is primarily used for people who need help coding or have bug reports. Plus, more developers and programmers read and respond to the forums than they do here. This is mostly peer to peer. Good luck.

Again with the insults. You say you removed your insults then in the next sentance you call me asinine and silly. Then you belittle my opinion calling it a “cause” as thiugh one answerhub post is the only thing in life. People will not continue to post if they feel all they are going to get is toxic feedback.