Can you please give us the ability to organize our market place content?

This has been asked over and over for a long time but Unreal seems to not care very much about it. It’s ridiculous that when an update for a product comes out we have to scroll through all of our purchases to find the update. We need to be able to organize our own purchases by tag and add a description. We need to be able to search by stars for a product. Many others have already stated the many features we would like to have. Please this is not a difficult task to do. It would really help us use Unreal Engine better and be more proficient in producing games and movies that bring you money. Don’t just blow this off and not do it!!!


Hell they could just make a whole new launcher for unreal. When the epic games launcher takes up 50% of your CPU, thats an issue. The problem with epic is that they do really big things well, like Quixel, control rig, nanite/lumen, open source code, etc, but the small things that make your life better are just completely ignored.

Like idk, not deleting all of the old documentation and not replacing.

That might’ve been nice.


100% AGREE please fix this now!

  • organize your own purchases w/ tags or folders
  • search by stars for a product
  • when searching listings it should automatically hide the stuff you already own
  • ability to sort pages by any property you want like its a spreadsheet

Well I made my own vault organizer, it is a quick and dirty app. It needs some styling love but it works. Here is the github repo you can try it yourself. Just read the install instructions and you should be good to go. If you want to add to it go ahead and fork the app and send pull requests. Or just add suggestions as new issues. I would much prefer epic just fix there own vault interface but I hope this helps for now. Cheers!



Thank you so much for this work you done to help us all out with a better organize system. I been plagued lately trying to find updates in my Vault…its a pain when you own so many assets. I just also wish EPIC would fix this missing purchase issue where your assets bought become unavailable. Too much money going into this stuff personally but at least you created a nice setup to see better what you own and where things are with updates. I thank you so much for this, many should use this even in 2022