Can you please display Errors above Warnings in the Cooker log? Please?

This is super frustrating to me.

I’ve run into an error packaging my game. Okay, it happens. It probably SHOULDN’T (since playing the game Launched works fine and I have no BP compile errors anywhere), but I get it. Stuff needs to be checked.

There are 15 errors. I’m not sure where they* are*, though, because the log only shows “the first 50 items”.

But that list of items includes EVERY WARNING. Which, for me, means approximately 2000 duplicate F***ING entries warning me that “Get Local Location and Tangent along spline is deprecated, please consider using” because I haven’t gotten around to updating all of the many literally THOUSANDS of instances of the spline BP nodes in every single BP in my project.

So I’m flying blind here; there are 15 ACTUAL errors somewhere that I need to deal with, but the only way to find them is to go through and clean up every single logspam-generating BS error having to do with deprecated nodes or cast-failed execution pins not hitting return nodes or what have you and fix those so the engine will deign show me the errors that are actually causing the cook to FAIL.

Seems to me that if you’re going to log errors in a cook, you should probably give primary importance to the errors that are actually IMPEDING THE COOK, rather than burying those mission critical problems in an ocean of irrelevant nonsense and forcing me to wade through it since the cooker literally won’t show the errors if there are too many irrelevant Warning messages beforehand.

So, like, if a cook has 15 errors and 3,209 Warnings, and we’re only showing the first 50 warnings, can we show the 15 errors FIRST, and then leave the warnings to be cut off, rather than allowing the errors to be cut off?