Can you please check my Uvs ? I need to know its ok or not

Hello !

look at snapping (Blue frame )

I wonder if I can make such snapping ? when 2 objects precisely snapped as you can see
I’m asking because I’ve read it might cause lightmass gi baking problems
if its not recomended , what should I do instead ?

Yellow frame is Uv set for light UVs (second set)
look at greed those are snapped aswell , I’ve configured grid (divided 1\64) according to resolution and snapped uvs to lines
is that correct gaps between shels and correct UVs in overall ?


I can’t see anything wrong on the yellow panel.
Mesh intersections usually cause problems only if they are overlapping and Z-fighting occurs.

thanks for answers , Zfighting is when 2 faces occupie same space right ?
and that what you got when you’re snapping paces right ?

will I have any problems in baking ? if snapped face that user can’t see (like in my case)
I would check it myself but I wan’t to understand the rules

or maybe its better to delete that back face ?

Moving down the snap mesh/face by something like 0.0001 is already enough to solve Z fighting issues.

you got me wrong I’m not talking about those 2 obvious intersects below “RGB Gamma” text

I’m talking about big face (selected objects yellow arrow)

should I penetrate that wall with that object a little bit , or it will be invisible and I will have no issues ?

Meshes can intersect like that just fine; I’ve never seen lightmap issues caused because of that.
If you leave some empty space between them though, depending on light angle, you could see some light bleeding if the gap is too big.