Can you pass multiple poses into a control rig?

With linked anim blueprints it’s possible to have multiple pose inputs.

Is this possible with control rig? I was hoping to get the transforms of bones from other poses and do something similar to creating an additive animation.

I’ve implemented this just fine with regular anim blueprints and creating dynamic additive poses but I thought it might be more optimized with a control rig since I can just operate on a few spine bones in my character instead of the entire skeleton.

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I just thought of how I use somewhat expensive layered blend per bone nodes to do something simple like moving one single bone back to local space, when this could be done with a control rig that just sets one bone transform.

Alternatively I can make an anim node that works similarly to layered blend per bone but copies specific bone poses from one pose to the other without relying on the full pose blend. There’s the CopyBone node, but that node doesn’t take an alternative pose.

@illYay Did you ever find a solution for this?

So far no, but maybe the next version of unreal or some future version might.

I’m not sure it will help you but I figured out how to use Control Rig to improve my animations. In my case I’m combining generic locomotion animations with different weapon locomotion animations.

I used Layered Blend Per Bone and additive animations to blend the two sets of animations together. This gets me pretty close but I couldn’t get the ik_hand_gun bone to line up.

So I passed the weapon animations into a Control Rig along with a variable for the shoulder location from my blended animations. The variable is set using Get Socket Transform in the animation blueprint.

The final step was to use the Control Rig to offset ik_hand_gun by the difference between the shoulder locations of the two animation sets (using the variable and the passed in weapon animations). Then I copied the new bone transform back into the blended animation using Blend Bone By Channel.

Here’s a sample: