Can you open save gave in Editor for editing?

Is there a simple way to open a save gave in the editor?

I want to open a save game, make changes, and then save again. My wish is to “play in editor” as if I’m the player, save the game, and then once I stop playing in editor, to be able to load that as a save game and keep editing in the editor… as an alternate form of level design.

One of the reasons I want this is that I have physics objects that move in organic ways, and I wanna be able to scatter them, and then have that be part of the level design… instead of trying to place each object.

I also find it easier to “place” objects in the level when I’m running around in the editor (similar to how you would place object in VR), and I want to be able to run around placing meshes instead of dragging them in from the content browser

For those who run into this old post, I can’t answer the saving/loading in editor. But specifically for existing objects you can simulate in editor, have the physics objects settle and then right click select ‘keep simulation changes’ to save it back to your level. Only works for objects already placed before simulate though.

Did you ever make progress on this? I am working on this now. If I can’t use the same game object from editor, I was thinking to use services as an intermediary layer.