Can you only use Unreal editor in 64 bit, And how do i know what bit my system is?

Please help. I have heard good things about this editing program, Or tool if thats what it is, and i really want to try it out. Im not sure what version i got, I think i got thr Epic Games launcher

since u are new, I know that feeling cuz I had it once

so focus on what Im going to say right now

-to know ur OS bit, just right click on My computer and U should know

-you got the launcher , just install it in ur system, and then choose the unreal version to download

-then after u downloaded it, I highly recommending to watch some Awesome tutorials from Epic games that will teach u how to master this power tool starting with this one:

Intro to the UE4 Editor

then be on fly to choose any course provided here

Zack parish did well through this awesome tutorials and other technical writers at epic games

best of luck

I checked my system and its 32 bit. Also i dont think my computer is NEARLY fast enough to handle much of anything. With 3 gigs of ram and a AMD C-50 Processor runing at 1.00 GHz