Can you model caves using the Terrain tool?

Can one Create Cave systems in Unreal Engine Native Terrain Tool or does that fall under custom geometry one would make in Maya/ Max etc?

In theory you could, but the result has always been horrible.
I remember us trying it with one terrain at the top and one at the bottom… but trust me on this… It is much much better to create (modular) caves in a 3d tool.

(( Once the unreal asset store is up I will release something related to this :slight_smile: ))

Hey have you been able to release something about these modular caves?

Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Still not released, but still working religiously on them.
I want to be sure that the quality is good, and the variety is even better :slight_smile:
Some images here as well: [WIP] Caves, Rocks and Plant packages. - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Random Image: