Can you merge Deferred Decals and Actors into a single Static Mesh?

Is there a way to take a static mesh, put a deferred decal image over it and then combine those two objects into one actor? Like Merge actors, or Create Static mesh or something?

I have tried both Merge Actor and Create Static Mesh and neither work… Is there a way I could do this?

A deferred decal isn’t a mesh - it can probably best be described as a projected texture. You’d need to bake the decal into the texture(s) of the static mesh to ‘merge’ them. Problem is, you’re then limited by the texel density of the object (which is often the reason to move to decals in the first place).
There are some texture baking tools built into Unreal engine, but I don’t know if they’ll bake decals to UVs. It would be basically the same thing as editing your texture, though.