Can you mark update buttons in color please?

Can you please make updateable items more visible?

For example, make the color of the button red. Or blue. Or Green.

I see “oh 2 updates” and then I go search for a minute or two (sometimes three) to find which items are new.

Maybe I’m old, but please, help me :slight_smile:


I’d love this.

Darn it… why are you making me agree with allar -_-.

I agree

Hmm Isnt the orange icon obvious enough?


We all get old :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, theoretically, yes. But my vault is HUGE. It feels like standing in front of a horde of Zebras and trying to single out the one that has white/black instead of black/white stripes :wink:

I have ALL epics free samples there plus some marketplace content and it’s really tedious to search those through. This has bugged me for a quite long time already, enough to make a post about it here: Better notifications for content updates - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums. Sorry I missed this thread as I misunderstood the topic. The notification icon is little over the actual image but it’s still surprisingly difficult to spot.

Sometimes I have to scroll the list many times through before I can find it which isn’t very convenient.

I’ll just quote myself from that other thread here:

I actually like the button color idea, that and my second suggestion would be great to have on launcher. That first suggestion is still not making it all obvious.

I think better choice will be to move/copy items with updates to the top.

I realized there are assets (non plugins) that are updated, there is no orange icon or Update text. You have to download the asset, then it will get the updated version.