Can you make your own projects into Features or Content Packs?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to make my own projects into a Feature or Content Pack that I can then choose to “Add to Project” or “Create Project Using this” without the content having to be a part of the Marketplace?
There are several features that I’ve ended up building multiple times for different projects and it would be nice if I could somehow convert it and add it into a new project quickly.

I just answered a similar question here, using the migrate tool.

Hopefully that covers what you were after.

Thanks for the reply but I was really just wondering if it’s possible to add your own project to your vault for the easier 1 click migration into a new project.

exactly should there be an option to make your assets in a personal asset pack to use it in the launcher like the assets packs you buy in the marketplace,

U can fowllow this intro:

this steps can lead u add a temeplate in to the launcher.while not the add new content or feather in the project like third person temeplate or starter content .
I hope it will help.
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