Can you make Unreal Engine version without installation?

Can you make at least separate version of Unreal Engine without installation? just .zipped Unreal Engine directory.

  • Do not use C:\ProgramData\Epic directory.
  • Do not use C:\Users… directories.
  • Use only Unreal Engine directory for everything, including Cache files, Temp files, Config files.

Also i would like to have the same feature for Launcher, i wish it could be .zipped without installator, and when i copy launcher dirctory into Unreal Engine directory, i could launch it, and it just work with Engine inside which directory it lays. So i could copy/use Launcher for different Unreal Engine directories without problems and without Windows installation boolsheet. Launcher must not use Windows Registry for related paths, it must just use own directory location for detecting is it located inside Unreal Direcory or not, thats it, all other configuration must be inside own Launcher directory, not Windows Registry.

Also i would like to have Projects directory “Unreal Engine\Projects” by default + configurable option.

Finally i would just unzip Unreal Engine (or source coded Unreal Engine) into, “D:\Unreal Engine”,
then unzip Launcher into “D:\Unreal Engine\Launcher” and separately into “D:\Unreal Engine With Source Code\Launcher” for example, and thats it.

Or i could just unzip Launcher into empty “D:\Unreal Engine\Launcher”, launch launcher and download all Unreal Engine files via Launcher into “D:\Unreal Engine”.