Can you make shared functions and Timelines that share between levels

How do I keep my Blueprints Dry So I don’t have to rewrite functions and timelines for each level?

  • put the Timeline in an actor, add that actor to any level / entity - the very core of Blueprints


  • if you need only a single instance, have the Timeline component live inside a Framework Class: Player Controller, Pawn, Game Mode (not Game Instance, though); where to keep it would depend on what’s the purpose of that TL.

If we’re still talking about counting points, perhaps you could include an overview mechanics of how this works. From the player’s point of view. As in:

  • there are many levels
  • each level contains a variety of pick-ups
  • running into a pick-up awards points
  • the point increments are animated
  • when score threshold is reached, we wait for 3s and next level loads

If we could picture it, it’d much easier to suggest something tangible that could, at least, push you in the right direction. Do tell what you think.

I finally got timelines to work on the level from your examples (Thank you so much).
So are you telling me, I can have the player actor store a custom event and call it in the level blueprint?

No need to reply It works Thank you!