Can you make Pawn out of base Actor using blueprint?


I am currently trying to get deeper into the fundamentals of classes and blueprints. So instead of trying to make a simple pawn movement using some pre-made DefaultPawn or Character class, I started off with the barebones Pawn class, and using event tick and set actor location, I’ve blueprinted some basic movement logic myself.

Now I am wondering how deep can I go using blueprints without having to resort to C++. I know I can start off with just empty pawn class and do advanced stuff like movement logic myself, but is it also possible to start off with just an Actor class, and do all the player possession logic yourself, with just blueprints? Or is that already harcoded at C++ level?

Thanks in advance.

Im not sure you can do the possess logic in BP, but tbh why would you want to do that? The only reason I can think of is performance (only implementing whats absolutely necessary for your game) However, it doesnt sound like it.

I say, start with a Pawn class and implement your movement in Blueprints.


thanks for the response. Honestly, I am doing these things not because I will ever practically want to use such approaches, but rather to see how all the UE4 puzzle pieces fit together. Since I am more of an artist and less of a programmer, the relations between all the different features and their inner workings are somewhat mysterious to me.

So when I create anything that is kind of a “preset”, I still want to have at least a rough idea of how that preset was made, rather than just knowing it exists :slight_smile: