Can you make a game like UNDERTALE with UE4?

Hello! I really wanna make a RPG game like UNDERTALE. (If you don’t know the game, basically it’s choice-based and pretty simple when it comes to graphics.)

I’ve been searching around the internet quite a while, looking for an answer, but it seems that I can only find really detailed RPGs… Like, I really don’t wanna throw myself into all kinds of complicated stuff, and I really think simpler graphics (But still with a good story and gameplay system) would be… I dunno, cute? It’s less serious, and I guess in some way… It might be happier? If the graphics are simple, I’d be able to make the story do bigger impact?

Oh well, anyway, if anyone knows if it’s possible, please do say! I’d love some kind of tutorial or reference so it’d be easier to do, even though I am ready to put a lot of effort into developing a game. - Thanks in advance, even if you ain’t got an answer!

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Any game can be made with UE4.

Start with something simpler, like the basic tutorials to learn how to use the engine before you try to make your larger game.

Uh well, I know just going all out for something I don’t know about wouldn’t be very smart, but I’d still really like to make THAT, and not something else. I know it takes a lot of dedication to make a game, and that skipping parts isn’t ideal, but I’m that sorta person that can’t stay focused for long, so working on something other than what I want to would probably make me not want to do it anymore… Isn’t there any way for me to make that kinda game without going through all the first steps of going through different kinds of games?

Anyway, thank you very much! - Fluffy :smiley:

I agree completely. I’ve tried making a top down 2D game with sprites, but it’s very difficult to develop. You need a good team behind you, and obviously you can’t just jump right in, but Unreal Engine does have some limiting factors, although it is possible. However, even in 4.10 it’s still an experimental feature and crashed almost instantly when I used it. Nevertheless, you can use a spritesheet, rightclick and create a sprite, then you can Ctrl+click to create more sprites. then create a flipbook, and you can use that to animate an experimental sprite. UE4 Devs, please enable this to be done simply, because I LOVE UNDERTALE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AND I WANT TO MAKE A GAME LIKE IT BUT NOT TOO MUCH LIKE IT SO IT WOULDN’T BE A CLONE BUT STILL SIMILAR IN ITS NATURE

Hello, you can use my plugin to create choice based games. It doesnt require blueprint or c++ experience. You just need to create your sequencers and use the plugin to connect them each other with choices. Have a look at it from here;