Can you make a custom drop down in the details panel for a BP using c++ or blueprint?

I’m making a configurable monster object where I want to populate a drop list with the monster list from a database. Currently the only way I have found is to make a enum and make this public. But this means ever time i add or remove the monster from my source I have to manually edit the enum. Are there custom drop downs we can use to populate with config data?

When I load an array and expose it tot he info panel I get this but what I need is a select-able drop list menu.

Why not make a dynamic array? Then have the array loaded in to the list.

I have nothing to add besides I also desire this knowledge, maybe this bumps it to epic?

You can use details panel customization (more detailed), to load your database (is stored in DataTable ?) use StaticLoadObject for single table or FAssetRegistryModule to load DataTables from specific folder/package. Of course you can then propagate dropdown with your data, check for example BlueprintDetailsCustomization CustomizeDetails function. You only need to change SEditableTextBox to STextBlock.

in 4.9, you can expose FDataTableRowHandle and FDataTableCategoryHandle inside DataTable.h

just change their USTRUCT() to USTRUCT(BlueprintType), then you can use them as an exposed blueprint property, and it will give you a drop down list of all the row names. (the category handle will give you drop down lists of other columns)

most objects require a specific datatable, so being able to switch the datatable to some other data type is probably not a good idea. to prevent that, you can set the data table reference in the construction script, like this:


Awesome will try this most def!

when i try this The Row Name is just a Fname input did you change the type ot enum or something some how?

ha got it took alot of looking around and playing with the structures but woot i have to write a easy guide on this!

Did you ever get around to explain how you got it to work?