Can you lock an object in the 3D view so it's not selectable?

I keep miss-clicking and moving or selecting object I don’t want to. Is it possible to lock objects so they can’t be click-selected, but are still visible?

Hey Hyperloop,

You can lock an Actor’s movement. Right click on the Actor you want to lock, either in the level or the Scene Outliner, and go to Transform > Lock Actor Movement.

At the moment there is no way to lock an object so that it can’t be selected. I’m going to create a feature request in our system for the developers to consider.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ben Halliday

any update on this. Its particularly frustrating for Skyboxes?

Hey BlueByLiquid,

For the moment, the developers have decided to focus their resources elsewhere. The best way to avoid clicking on the skybox or other actors by accident is to switch between Lit Mode (Alt+4) and Wireframe (Alt+2) when you need a more precise selection. As mentioned above, you can also prevent changes to actors using the Lock Actor Movement option. Hope that helps!

Just started to work in Unreal Editor and first thing I noticed is an absence of the “freeze” feature. How people work without it?..

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Hi Chosen One,

Check the response above. Currently, this is the only way to work around the absence of a freeze feature.

another work around is to add a billboard component to actors that are hard to select, but being able to freeze selections would be a nice feature to have.

I’m with you, I really wish they had freeze. Locking the transforms doesn’t prevent you from box selecting objects, super frustrating.

We really need this. I thought this would have been implemented by now. It’s not in beta anymore guys, give me basic features! Please

Hello, this feature is strongly needed, urgent :slight_smile:

I agree with the others on this thread.

I’d like to recommend the UI for Freeze and Unfreeze be in at least two places. These are suggestions:

  1. Context menu

    a) When you have an item or items selected, a right click option to Freeze Selected.

    b) When you right click a spot in the Viewport, within the context menu, a subtree called Unfreeze. A good spot might be below Select > and above Edit >. This subtree would list objects under the mouse cursor that are frozen, plus “All” and selecting the option would unfreeze one of them (or all of them for “All.”)

  2. World Outliner

Add a column to the right of the visibility eye with a lock icon, similar to Photoshop. Toggling that lock should allow you to freeze/unfreeze individual objects or entire folders.

I agree to. Its really frustrating to place actors on the landscape, when try to move or delete actor it select the terrain most of the time.
I lost a landscape I working on it for few weeks because of this. I dint notice I select it whit other actors and delete theme and save level make me lost my landscape. I was really mad and upset !!!

I would realy like the ability to lock a folder in the World outliner to prevent selecting the object who are in.
And maybe have the same option for the Layers.

Feature of locking objects within editor really needed!

I concur. This feature is really needed!