Can you learn how to use UE4?


Can you learn how to use it without a teacher or any helper that has a lot of knowledge of UE4?

I mean, can you learn it from the UE4 YouTube guide and the UE4 wiki?


Who knows the actual number, but its quite possible that most game devs are self-taught… :slight_smile:

Having passion, or a game idea that ‘has legs’ or will hook and keep your interest is key…
YouTube, Wikis, Marketplace, Community-Tools projects etc can all help guide you there…
Game dev is a question of time / dedication ultimately (as unoriginal as it sounds maybe).
Formula for Success or Achievement at anything = Skill (natural ability) ‘times’ work-put-in…

Last thing:
Self-learning may mean adopting bad habits or sub-par skills in certain key or crucial areas!
But that may also lead to games that are highly original (no easy way to know ahead of time)… :stuck_out_tongue:

as a new user myself, i would take my thoughts with a grain of salt. but i have found some nice guides on pluralsight and youtube, and will be trying udemy here soon as well.

they may not be perfect but it has been much better than going in blind. with enough experience anyone can master something i feel

Hi there! i believe i can help you, i have made 1 game so far. and i have a channel on youtube that has videos on UE4. my channel is called weirdo farts. and you can also find the game i made @ -Linked remove by moderator- i hope this helps

I learned almost everything from Youtube, it helped me a lot of getting a basic knowledge of the Engine and then to learn the ins and outs of blueprints. Just be patient, you won’t be able to make your own amazing game in a few weeks if you’re new to gamedev. However if you’re really into it, you can already create small test projects for learning purpose (like a little shooter game, basic AI and such).