Can you layer skeletal animation sequences in sequencer additively?

In short - I’d like to work with animation layers in UE as they are used in Blender, Maya, etc.

What I mean is - I’d like to layer animations in sequencer and have the animations of one layer affect the stack additively, not just a mix of the two animations. The video describes what I’m trying to do.

Filtering joints for this won’t work, because I may want to mix animations that have lots of small movements in many parts of the body to additively layer with other full-body animations.

I’ve seen some folks ask about this and no one has found an answer so far - but this is a crucial and normal part of animation workflow for other DCCs so I need to see if someone can help.


Hey @TysonStryg! Welcome to the forums!

Have you tried using an additive layer track? I’m not sure if that’s still usable since control rig has taken so much of the features onto itself, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get rid of it.

With an additive layer track you should be able to select specific bones and their children to use the blended animation, and give it curves to modify the anims themselves.

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