Can you import World Machine heightmaps into ue4 as meshes?

Title says it all

I don’t think so, but an easy way to do this is to import the heightmap as a Landscape into the engine and then use the Automatic LOD generation functionality to create the Static Mesh version of the landscape in the engine.

On the other hand why not just use the File Export OBJ node from World Machine and then import it that way and not as a heightmap.

Thank you very much. This has been bothering me for so long

How do you use Automatic LOD generation functionality to make the Static Mesh version of the landscape???

A friend covers how to do it in a video the part about the LOD’s begins around 2mins in, its a good series to learn all sorts of stuff from though.

Ok thank you

World Machine does include a feature that allows you too export your terrain as a mesh. Any reason you haven’t tried that?

I was unaware of that feature

In my first post I suggested it in the second sentence instead of using a heightmap. :wink:

I over looked that my apologies

I found the node and attached it to the end of the blueprint in World Machine. Then when I went to export it into ue I got this error. “please make sure to enable the “Export Smoothing Groups” option in the FBX Exporter plug-in before exporting the file”.

I don’t believe WM has that option so you will have to open it in other modeling software and generate a smooth group for it then export it out again for UE4

Ok thank you