Can you import entire environments from Maya to UE4?

Okay so I’m new to Unreal development, and I understand that there’s fbx files to import from Maya, I’m just wondering whether it’s possible to import entire environments from maya, or just individual objects.

Thank you!

Its possible, but not easy to do in a way that keeps the assets reusable. You could select all your assets in Maya and set their pivots to the origin, then freeze their rotation, and then all you’d need to do when doing a batch import is drag them into the scene and set everything to 0,0,0 for location and rotation. But having the pivot offset in such a way makes those assets incredibly difficult to use in other scenes or levels.

One way around this was a plugin for Maya/UDK that handled exporting everything to FBX, then producing a T3D file that you could paste into UDK once all the assets were imported to create mesh instances at the right locations and rotations. Don’t know if something similar might be in development by the community for UE4 though.

Generally speaking though, Unreal has excellent tools for placing individual assets and doing the level design in the editor… I don’t really think under most circumstances doing design externally is worth the hassle.