Can you import a geo cache with an texture sequence?

I’m trying to import converted scan data into ue4. It’s all OBJs and there’s a separate UV set and texture set for each frame. Getting the geo in with a geometry cache using allembic is actually quite simple, unfortunately I’m really struggling to figure out how to get the texture sequence that works in Maya to also work in UE4. I tried to create an image sequence and apply it through the media player as I would any other sequence but because there’s a delay, or something else going on, it’s not perfectly in sync.

As I don’t need to have this be rigged, controlled, or anything else (Being just a test piece for rendering out of UE4 for now), does anyone know of a way to combine the two in sync. The only thing I can think of is importing each one separately and setting up keyframes for each individual one, with individual materials. That would take quite a long time and very manual, so trying to find any more automated methods. Thanks!

We do have the same problem, did you find a solution to your problem?

what if you use blueprints to change the materials with an event repeater?