Can you help?

Hi, I’m learning UE4 and non of the tutorials helped me with this. Can any of you spare some time and texture this object best way you can, it would really help me understand, thanks to anyone who tries!
Link to MediaFire
Bigger Image

You will need to learn to use a 3d application to be able to texture a 3d object. UE alone doesn’t allow texturing of objects.

As Dhully says, texturing is done in the 3D application first then exported to UE4, which is why you won’t find many UE4 tutorials explaining how to do it. If you want a tutorial to help understand how to texture a model, look up tutorials on UV mapping and unwrapping for whatever 3D modeller you’re using (Blender, 3DS Max, Maya etc.). This will explain how to carve up a 3D model and apply a texture to it.

lol, I’m not an idiot, ik how texturing works, I’m just asking can one of you texture this object and share the files.
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