Can you help me with a background?

0So i am finaly ready to start mt first game. I decided to make a 2d platformer as a easy place to start off from I am taking elments from worms and mareo to make somthing a littel diffrence I have a background that was made in Zara and Now my probwlm when i try to export mt background in to the ditor i get the message

“The texture you are importing is not a power of 2 non power of 2 textures are never streamlind and have no mipmaps procede ?”

I have tryed importing it and durend it in to sprte but i is snot showing up so I supose iama asking how can I get my background to show up in the editor?

thanks in advance

Make sure that your textures are in a power of two -> e.g 127x127, 1024x1024,…

To use your background in the ue4:

  1. import it
  2. right click on it - sprite - create sprite
  3. now you should be abel to place it into the level :slight_smile:

It could be that you have assigned a wrong alpha channel to your sprite -> some parts could disappear