Can you have a projectile turn into a phisical object!?

hello people I have a idea can someone tell me if it is possible

I get a bow , i shoot a custom new arrow that when it hits the ground it places a foundation down so like i shoot it then it hit ground and model switches to foundation and it becomes one

My target - not for foundations but for a arrow to get shot then land a turn into a storage box

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You are in luck, they have this in the ADK already. Just set the surface impact spawn actors in ProjArrow_Impacts BP to whatever you want - I have this spawning anky.

Thank you so much , can you help me with 1 more thing can i make a chest arrow so , I put items into a arrow i shoot it then it a person can get what out of the arrow so like trnasportation

Can you make me a pciture or vidio tutorial on how to eget the arrow to work with a bow ? please

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