Can you have a class BP compnent trigger a seperate class BP?

I have a class BP of something on the ground that when overlapped I “destroy component” so it disappears.
How could I trigger this to set visibility on a component in a separate Class BP, like the player?
I’m trying to make it look like I’ve picked up the item.

Thanks folks.

Ok well if there is no easy to do that can someone podsibly explain this…if I have a class BP on the ground…when I move into its volume on component begin overlap the clasd BP is destroyed. …
thr same item is in the players class BP but set to not visible…lbut when I overlap that other class BPs box and the item is destroyed the item on the player needs to toggle visibility. …simply looking like I picked up the item…

Anyone know jow its possible?? Id I need to do it a different way? Or if theres a good tutoirol I need to watch? ?


Problem solved. Creating a blueprint intetface. It can be used in any BP, just call an event prop for it if needed. Works wonderfully.

Can you explain the solution a bit more please? I’m new to UE4 and I’m trying to create 2 separate blueprints, one for a door and another for a switch. When the player moves into the trigger volume of the switch they are able to press a key to activate the door. I’m having no success so far and am not even sure if what I want to do is even possible.
Also, I’m interested in knowing how you solved your own issue.