Can You Give Objects & Players ID's?

Let’s say I want a wall to appear for team one but not for team two how would I do this? I know this is off topic but if you want to modify a HTML element you give the HTML an ID or Class then link that class to the CSS. Is that same method used in blueprints? So you give the player an ID then use blue prints to add rules? Thanks :slight_smile:

This should be possible in the manner in which you’re thinking. I have never played with it, but in a base blueprint you could give it any variables you want (An ID variable per say) and make it so that blue players receiving that ID set its render visibility to false and vice versa for the other side.

It might be a little more complicated than I am typing in words, but it should be entirely possible. I guess I would say this is how I would give forcefield like effects the ability for one side to walk through them and the other to not be able to by setting collision based on which side you were on.

Okay thanks for the information :slight_smile: I’ll try looking more into this.

Assuming that your wall is Blueprint, you can assign a Tag to it (like: Blue Team Wall) and later check for the tag using Component Has Tag node.


Thanks cery much that’s helped massively :)!