Can you get Wild dino torpor levels on Server?

before i continue trying to capture this data, I’m wondering. Is there any way to pull the Torpor level for wild dinos on a Dedicated server? you can do it on single player and multiplayer (non dedicated) by doing the following (see image below) but when I try on dedicated it always returns the value of 0.0 , untill the data is tamed or knocked out. I tried replicating the event, multicasting, and even sending all to server to send it back to client, but can’t seem to pull that data. Really wondering if it’s even possable (limitation by ARK maybe??)

PrimalCharacter is for Players - it gets confusing because certain dino-specific nodes will accept PrimalCharacter as an input.

PrimalDinoCharacter is what you want for creatures.


tried that as well, but didn’t include those results because I thought it was wrong based on the other nodes. Either way, the results were the same … 0.0 returned on server but returned with value on single player. I thought the PrimalDinoCharacter was wrong because the 2 nodes after are targeting the PrimalCharacter node, and not he Dino node. I can’t seem to find a status component node that targets the PrimalDino. please correct me if i’m wrong on this, or if i’m doing it wrong?

Drag from As Primal Dino Character and get the status component variable.


newest test here. is this what you are refering to?

Results from Dedicated Server, after hitting dino with tranq arrow:

Results from Single Player :

not sure if this helps, but as soon as you knock out the dino … it changes the owner from “null” to whoever knocked it out. at that time, because I’m the owner of it, the torpor is returned. if i die and create new player while the dino is still knocked out, the old character is the owner, not the new one so the new char I make can NOT see the torpor updated values.

So for some reason, the torpor isn’t retrievable (at least the method i’m using) unless I’m taming and it is a tamed dino. If it’s wild, I can’t seem to detect it. Really hoping there is another method to capturing this data. any ideas??

It shouldn’t be multicasted, and clients won’t know about it most likely.

And no, I said the variable. It’s called My Character Status Component.


changed from muticasted over to server only, but I’m sorry …I’m not understanding how to are saying to proceed after the cast to PrimalDinoCharacter …I located the variable you are refering to previously, but there didn’t seem to be any torpor, health, etc node that came off that for me to specify with stat I wanted to put for the specific dino. am I wrong to assume that i would still have to link something off that to get the stat I’m looking for?

example of what I’m refering to and geting stuck at if i try the method you mentioned