Can you get data from GameUserSettings.ini for DmgType_ProjectilewithImpactFX?

Can you get data from GameUserSettings.ini that will modify the builtin DamageTorpidityIncreaseMultiplier variable within the DmgType_ProjectilewithImpactFX blueprint? I’ve scoured the net but all examples of getting data from the GUS.ini don’t show how to apply the variable once you get it and put it into a predefined/existing variable. Secondly, I don’t know in which blueprint you would need to modify to pull the data so it can be used … I’m assuming it would be the DmgType_ProjectilewithImpactFX blueprint, but while following the examples on the net for getting data from the GUS.ini the options/functions in the graph just aren’t there. Am I going about this all wrong?

Is this even possible? If so, could someone please provide some helpful insight on exactly how to do this? If it cannot be done, is there an alternative to get the same effect (I’ve seen other mods with this same effect) … being able to allow server admins to change the torpidity value via the GUS.ini

All help is appreciated.

Ok, I’ve watched the tutorials on the web and I still cannot figure this out, so maybe a little bit more information might help someone point me in the right direction. I’m editing a custom projectile_arrow blueprint. On the “EventBeginPlay”, I can get my variable data from gameusersettings.ini and assign the value to say a variable named “overridetorpiditydamage”. The blueprint for the damagetype is a custom blueprint (DmgType_ProjectilewithImpactFX) where the torpidity value is set to … let’s say 10. How can I link the blueprints together to get the variable i created in the projectile_arrow “overridetorpiditydame” to override the default value of “10” that was in the blueprint dmgtype?

I’d like to know this too. Ive seen a few mods able to get torp values from gameusersettings.ini . Anyone here know how its done ?

Is this link any help? :slight_smile:

I know you can “cross link” bp’s so that they read from one another, not sure how though.
An alternative is to make a new dmg type and set the torpor to a reasonable value then you can adjust it via the damage amount of the projectile using .ini like so:

That’s one of the “stun” types I did for Stark Wars. I think I set the torpor in the dmg type to 50 so by default at 10 dmg it gives 500 torpor per shot. And that’s the low one lol :wink:

Thanks for replys. The trouble with the damagetype bps is they have no eventgraph so you can’t use what’s in that ini tutorial. I will have look into linking bps as that might work.

You can make most values in the DmgType_ blueprints scale based on the damage done by the Weap/Proj. Might another way to approach it be changing the damage done in the blueprint that references the DmgType_ blueprint? If damage is within certain thresholds you could change what DmgType_ blueprint is referenced all together if you wanted…

This exact problem I have been trying to figure out. As said we cant use an event Graph and It seems impossible to figure out how to get into the “struct” of the dmgType bp. I have a mod I’m working on that dmgs torp stam and food. It works find but trying to figure out how to get to those values anywhere in the dev kit is killing me. It really seems like it should be something easy to do and when I feel like I’m almost there …nope deadend. Anyone figure this problem out? Or any tips.

I was able to get to the dmg container but I’m unable to figure out how to get inside to the settings.

Heres what I got so far for sharing purposes.

Did you ever manage to figure out how to break into the DmgType BP to change edit the values?

I figure out how to get to the settings inside of a function on DmgTypeProjectile but still cant get it to write values

Thanks for this… helped me with a work around

If anyone else is at least trying to do something similar and finds this thread this is what I ended up with. At least now I have toggles for my mod in the INI. I have 3 dmg Torp arrows (Torp,Food,Stam) the INI allows you to tweak dmg and remove the stam and food dmg. Still looking for way to edit the dmg inside the DmgType tho.