Can you Get Burned out in the Art Industry...?

I ask because I work with this guy who was in graphic design for 30 years. He worked for several companies. He has what seems to be this superiority complex towards other artists. Like nothing they have done can compare to the stuff he did over the years. He goes as far to say that they are not artist and stuff like that. Which is offensive in my opinion. He thinks everybody is dumb, and their work is average at best. Even if the work is amazing, he won’t admit it. I don’t say much in response to this; except maybe to encourage him to produce some artwork of his own so we can see some of his experience at work. His claim is “I did that for 30 years, I’m done with it…”.

Is this what happens to people when they have been in the art industry for so long…or is this guy just a jerk?

That’s not really burnout, usually when people have that kind of attitude they aren’t all that great at what they do, it’s a psychological effect where they can’t evaluate their own work and think they’re better than people that are genuinely good. Usually people that are actually good are tough critics of themselves and are seeking to improve constantly.
That said, you can definitely get burned out, with crunch and all that, people get health problems from being overworked.

There’s a lot of “seniors” like that across many industries, not just in art jobs.

The problem isn’t really that… the problem people have against these life conditions is going through all of that just to make somebody else rich and richer :slight_smile:
They naturally become stubborn, rancorous inside, with time because someday a person wakes up in the morning and says “-It’s being 30 years… what have I done with my life?!”.

Yea I’m sure this is part of it. I work at an engineering company, and he warns me about getting a job in the art industry (which is what I want to do) for different reasons. I can detect some bitterness there for sure. However, even with that, some people are just truly arrogant.

2c: Arrogance is sometimes only a notch over from deep-seated-insecurity / hatred / jealousy…
What’s key here is, he’s not good energy to be around with where your mindset is at right now.

Try to convince your colleague to travel around the world for a year to far off interesting places.
Why? - To give you a holiday, but crucially to help him get out of this mode, lose the bitter man…