Can You Find Your Own Session Server

Hello, I am currently using the session nodes in blueprints in 4.6 and I was wondering if there was anyways to record down your server name once you have created a new session? Is there are instance of it in the game that you can reference so you can get it?


I too have this question…funny how connecting clients can easily grab the server name but there is no Return Node on Create Session for the host to reference. I’ve seen a plugin called Advanced Sessions Plugin but I’m trying to stay away from plugins as much as possible to avoid loss of support in future builds.

use the “Find session” node to have a reference to your session and you can extract from it informations (name, number slot, number player, ping…)

You can’t rename the session with BP for the moment (4.18), but you can make an alias.

I tried this; the listen server is unable to find itself with the Find Session node.

Oh yes ok, i understand your problem.
At the moment it seems that is not possible only with native blueprint.
You can create a function in your GameInstance class and use it in BP :

 IOnlineSessionPtr Sessions = IOnlineSubsystem::Get()->GetSessionInterface();
 FOnlineSessionSettings* CurrentSettings = Sessions->GetSessionSettings(GameSessionName);

Or you can use this perfect plugin (and use the “get session settings” node) : Advanced Sessions Plugin

Im avoiding plugins because there’s no guarantee the Engine will continue to support them. Advanced Session Plugin already states that the creator is ceasing updates.

I guess I’ll need to learn how to implement C++ for the script. The reason I use Blueprint is so I wouldn’t have to…I don’t know a lick of C++

Yes, plugin support is complicated. I understand you point of view !
So, for the moment i think it’s not possible to get session informations only with BP. Sorry :slight_smile:
Maybe with a future update. I cross fingers too !