Can you export OBJ sequence from UE4?

Hey Guys.

Ok in Blender you can export an animation as an OBJ sequence. Say for eg I have a ball with physics enabled rolling down a slope and knocking over some cubes, all with dynamics on etc, so in Blender I select export OBJ and make sure animation is checked and then your whole scene including physics is exported out so whichever DCC I import it back into, I can then move the camera around freely etc

Can this be done in UE4 please? I mean the function to export an OBJ sequence?

Any help would be great, thank you :slight_smile:

anyone any ideas please?

Anyone please? Surely someone on here must know…

anyone any ideas please guys? reason i ask, is that in blender i can export out an OBJ animation sequence and use it in after effects and just wondered if the same can be done in UE4.
failing that, can you export an animation with transparent background please? maybe PNG image sequences or other options?

many thanks and i am very new to UE4 so still learning lots :slight_smile:

I don’t believe it is possible to export OBJ animation sequence and no export of transparent PNG sequences. You can try the sequencer documentation along with this link from the answerhub : to make a kind of “green screen” export of PNG sequence.

ok thank you. UE4 is amazing but with all its fantastic features a couple of ones which i think are pretty basic like exporting an OBJ sequence and especially the render out video with transparent background should be implemented. Saying that, UE4 has blown me away with how good it is and what you can achieve :slight_smile: