Can you export blueprint games to a website?

Can you export blueprint games to a website? I want to be able to play my games at school so I need to be able to export them to a website.

You can package the game, which gives you a small number of files, which you can then upload to the site.

Do you mean an HTML export, so that the game is in the website and does not have to be downloaded? Like some of the games on

Ah, no, that’s a totally different thing. You need to do pixel streaming for that, not straightforward:

Yeah that is what I was thinking.

Thank You!

A not such a great solution, but might work a bit, is to create virtual machines and install the games there and then stream them on a computer, like YouTube.
Paperspace has some solutions and the big tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google might have some free test virtual PCs.
These can be a pain to set up and may not have good enough hardware. Paperspace charges very little for the hour and their virtual PCs can run Unreal, but are a bit laggy, since the input from your keyboard and mouse has to go through the internet and then the response comes back.
If your lag is 250 milliseconds, it will take 0.5 seconds for WASD to become character movement on the screen you have.
Just like these game streaming services like Nvidia Shield.

Another solution, if the games aren’t huge, would be to upload them to itch as demos and give the links to your friends and classmates. Maybe some of them have a laptop or a device that can run them at school? Or if you really want to get bold, ask the school if you can install your games on one of their PCs.