Can you explain this little code for me

In this tutorial video: 10 - Using Loops : Procedural Level Design

At the beginning, the instructor let var EndPoint multiply with vec (1.,1.,0.) => what is this code for? i try to understand it but i still cannot see any link between this code with Not Equal comparation

Thanks in advance!

I assume you are wondering why he is multiplying by 1,1,0 vector.

vector1 * vector2 works like this: x1x2, y1y2, z1*z2

so when he multiplies any vector by 1,1,0
it will nullify Z value (ie snap to ground plane)

This trick is also great for making square grid of meshes:
get integers out of forloop indexes: “nth loop on X” and “nth loop on Y”. Make those 2 into vector, lets call it “index_Vector”
Make vector with sizes on x, y, y for mesh (or spaces in square grid you are making) call it “spacing_Vector”

“index_vector” * “spacing vector” will give you nice grid locations.

much less connections than calculating all values separately.