Can you edit a texture map of a cube (or other mesh) made in UE4 to add a custom texture?


I would like to create a cube (or other mesh) in UE with a custom texture.

Is there a way to export the meshes net so I can design a custom texture for it (on standard graphics software) and then wrap it back onto the mesh for use in UE4?


edit - soz if this is simple but my Google Fu failed me - I’m not even sure what to search for!

You have to convert the object to a static mesh in editor, then you can export the static mesh like you would any other mesh.
You can also adjust the UVs in editor, though i’m not positive that’s helpful for what you need to do. It’s probably better to take the mesh to blender, or make the mesh directly in blender.


And then, would I simply import the texture back onto the mesh.
This only needs to be a simple mesh e.g. a cube, or cuboid etc. so hopefully blender won’t be needed??

If you learn to use blender, it’s quite a lot faster to use the built in texture paint functions then it is to approximate a mesh.
Also, if you modify the UV then you would need to re-import the cube mesh as well.

Ahh righto.

Blender it is! Time to get learning! :slight_smile:

Somebody is also working on a texture painting plugin you can use to paint in Unreal Editor…
but I don’t know if it’s free or paid tool.