Can you easily select a specific instance in an InstancedStaticMesh in the editor?

I’m building a fairly dense world of a few models repeated over and over and I made a handy little script in the editor to combine all of the models into an InstancedStaticMesh. Works great.
My question is, can I select a specific instance of a mesh in an InstancedStaticMesh component for deletion or repositioning?

I have created a box that I can move around and use a custom function to convert all of the Instances within the box back to mesh actors, but is there a built in way to do that in the editor? Thanks!

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Alright so you guys must think I’m absolutely crazy. When you select a bunch of meshes and then click on the Merge->Batch, it automatically creates an InstancedStaticMesh component within an actor. Then, when you click on the individual instances, they’re moveable.

This is not the case if you were to create the InstancedStaticMesh component procedurally within the editor. For whatever reason there’s a completely different behavior there.