Can you Duplicate (Copy-Paste) keyframes in Persona - Animation Sequencer?

Is it possible to Duplicate (Copy-Paste) keyframes in Persona - Animation Sequencer? I haven’t been able to figure it out by tinkering with it and a google search led me here : . That sounds like duplicating keyframes isn’t possible which surprises me a lot. I know I can copy paste the value into each keyframe one by one but that is going to slow my animation process down to the point of non usable. Any quick way to do this I am over looking? Or even if there is some type of feature that auto interpolates back to frame 0 (if on frame 90 for example). I really just need to close animations so they loop. If this isn’t possible I will just do all animations in max but I gotta say it is extremely surprising the “animation sequencer” doesn’t duplicate keyframes or auto interpolate back to zero.