Can you draw with unreal engine 4?

Hi guys,

Can UE 4 be used to draw stuff for 2d projects?, you know like drawing a character or anything that is 2d? I use photoshop but I was wondering if it was possible to use UE to draw your characters and assets and all that. There is one tutorial on the learn tab that has a stick figure and when you open it, it says “everything you see here was created with unreal engine 4’s 2d paper plugin”, but I just don’t know how to use that feature :frowning:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

No, you cant draw in the UE4 (there might be some plugins, but I dont know a drawing feature that is included “out of the box”) -> you can just do stuff like vertex painting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the extremely quick response. I figured that was the answer. All right thanks!

You’d need an extremely tesselated mesh for that though.

Yep, when you use vertex painting your mesh needs many vertices :slight_smile:
@Jacko89 But when you want to give it a try -> here you can learn the basics of the vertex paint tool: