Can you develop apps for android with UE4?

I know you can but when im on blueprint it just doesnt seem like to it to me, am i doing something wrong? i started my project for it to be for mobile devices but still something doesnt feel right to me.

You need to install Android development environment on you computer since it’s used to build APKs, most importnet part is to check if you got envraiment varables set on your system so UE4 editor knows where to search your Android SDK. You also need to get driver for your device if it’s not Google breaded device and you using Windows (Linux and OS X don’t need that) in order for ADT to work, without that you will need to install your APKs manually.

Here instructions:

Once you do that Android options should show up in editor :slight_smile:

I used this video to help me get setup :slight_smile: