Can you derive a blueprint from a C++ class derived from AInfo?

I’m working on a hockey game and I have a C++ class called APeriodManager derived from AInfo to handle tracking what period it is and how much time is left, things like that. I wanted to derive a blueprint from APeriodManager so that I could easily change a few settings in the editor, like how many minutes per period, but when I go to create a new blueprint, PeriodManager doesn’t show up in the list of possible parent classes. Info is in the list, and some of it’s obvious children, like GameState, GameMode, and PlayerState, but no PeriodManager.

Is there something I’m missing or is this just not allowed?

You need to declare your c++ class a UCLASS and have the property Blueprintable.

UCLASS( Blueprintable )
class AMyClass : public AMyBaseClass

You probably want BlueprintType as well. It’s just handy.

Dammit, apparently everything else I’ve done so far has inherited Blueprintable from it’s base class so I never realized this was a thing. I knew it had to be something dumb like that. Thank you.