Can you cross compile a windows dll using a mac?

Most of my team is using windows PCs but I only have Linux and Mac machines. I compiled my code project and got the /Binaries/Mac/UE4Editor-[ModuleName].dylib file which I assume is the shared library. Is there anyway for me to cross compile a windows dll so I can check it into my svn repo or will the rest of my team have to compile the module on windows?

GCC can generate proper DLL files in the PE format for Windows, with sufficient mojo.
However, it will not be compatible with the Visual Studio runtime libraries, so you’d have to define an entirely balanced, host-agnostic API for that DLL – no malloc/free/new/delete/exceptions/vtables can leak out.
I would highly recommend against it. If you really need to, I’d suggest using VMWare Fusion or similar to build from your Mac.

Thanks. The more I thought about after posting this question the worse it sounded.